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I’m having a little bit of a bromance with my new friend Ted Cunningham. I’ve been familiar with Ted and his work for the last few years, but now that I’ve spent some time getting to know him personally, I’m even more impressed. While he has authored and co-authored some great books on marriage, for me, one the most impressive thing he does for marriages is that he speaks on marriage at his church—once a month, every month. He believes it is that important, and not just for married people. In fact, he texted me the other day with, “The 7 Reasons Why Singles Should Embrace Marriage Sermons and Teachings.” It was brilliant. The guy’s brain and heart for marriage never turns off.

I love his new book, Fun Loving You. He has some ideas about trampolines and their marital benefits that you are going to love. He will also be a featured communicator for us in next year’s MarriedPeople annual subscription. Your church will be able to simply push play and have Ted Cunningham speak at your church. So, why am I telling you all this? Because the purpose of this blog and ministry is to turn married people and church leaders on to people and practices that are impacting marriages. Ted and his ministry definitely fit in this category.

I want to point you to a free resource he offers on his church’s website called the 52 Questions Menu. The 52 Questions Menu was created specifically for married couples to ignite their marriage by increasing intimacy with one another. (Yes, guys this includes sex. I got your back.) These questions are designed to help you and your spouse begin an otherwise unlikely conversation together.

So, if you don’t know Ted Cunningham, now you do. Which makes this blog post worth it.

Who do you know that helps marriages that you think we should know?

  1. Tianna Dean

    My husband and I always (95% of the time) shower together. It’s great quiet time for us and it always sparks up a great conversation…and sometimes more!! :) We have older kids 14 and 12 but we also have an 11 week old so we put her to bed and shower together each night. It’s an awesome way to unwind after a long day and catch up with each other.

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