In the Line of Fire

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by Ted Lowe and Doug Fields Planning to launch a marriage ministry this fall? It’s easy for ambitious leaders (that would describe both of us) to move too fast. We like ideas and movement and want to see both appear quickly. We get it and appreciate your enthusiasm. But, slow down. Breathe. Take time to… [read more]


No Words

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couple outdoors

by Jason Forbus Note: Infertility is a painful journey for many couples, and it affects both women and men. Jason, and his wife, Beth, struggled with infertility for years. He knows what it was like to watch her tears and feel helpless to make the hurt go away. Together they faced the ups and downs,… [read more]


An Ounce of Prevention

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by Ted Lowe One Sunday, my pastor, Andy Stanley, gave an amazing message on giving called, “An Ounce of Prevention.” He said there are two types of giving: Intervention giving is emotional and the results are measurable. Prevention giving is neither. But it is far superior. He makes the point that intervention giving is important…. [read more]


His Presence in the Midst of a Lonely Marriage

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by Selena Frederick In marriage we experience seasons of loneliness. Depending on the season of life you’re in, our definitions of loneliness look different but leave us feeling the same— alone, disengaged, frustrated and sometimes lost. Here are a few ways I’ve dealt with loneliness lately: Kids: it’s so easy to fall into parental roles… [read more]


Building an Intimate Marriage: Grace & Forgiveness

Posted by Tim

by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott The reality that we’re broken people becomes very apparent when we share our lives with someone else. We bring our unique personalities into the marriage, but we also bring our selfish nature. Frustration, friction, disagreements–they are all certain to show up, but the way we react to these issues… [read more]


4 Ways to Survive a Politically-Divided Marriage

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by Dave Willis Election season is upon us. It’s the time when social media is blowing up with trash talk from the candidates and trash talk about the candidates. It’s the time when you’re tempted to “unfriend” some of your friends, because you’re sick of them posting political propaganda that is opposite from your own… [read more]


New MarriedPeople Small Group: Become Your Best US

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Close up shot of loving couple traveling by car and holding hands. Focus on hands of man and woman in a road trip.

Listening is good thing. Listening to your spouse. Listening to your kids. Listening to your boss. Listening to God. Here’s another thing that’s really good to listen to . . . MarriedPeople partner churches. These people are innovators who are tired of seeing generations affected by marriages falling apart, so they are going against the… [read more]


4 Signs You’re Not a Nice Person

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by Dave Willis One of my favorite comedians is Jeff Foxworthy. His “You might be a redneck if…” jokes hit close to home because I grew up in Kentucky (home of many proud rednecks). We can all laugh at stuff like, “If you walk your kid to elementary school because you’re in the same grade,… [read more]


Single and in Marriage Ministry

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by Jessica Asbell I am currently leading the charge in helping our families strengthen their marriages by using the MarriedPeople strategy. I am actually the Children’s Minister at my church. And I have never been married. So it might seem odd that I’m the one implementing the MarriedPeople strategy. But, I am a child of… [read more]


Humility in Marriage

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by James Willoughby I have been married nearly 16 years by the grace of God. About halfway into these 16 years, my marriage nearly ended. Jody and I nearly called it quits and almost became a statistic, further fueling a divorce rate that is growing at an alarming pace. I’ve never been one to do… [read more]