4 Things To Give Your Spouse for Christmas

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Christmas! It is hard to believe that we are just weeks away from Christmas! Cookies need to be made, the kids’ gifts bought, and the house made ready for good ole’ St. Nick—but have you thought about something for your spouse? It seems that the hardest person to buy for is the one you love. I think it is the pressure of getting them the best gift, over a good gift. Right?


What People Say About You as a Leader Without You Saying a Word

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In my experience, there are at least 5 things that reveal who you really are as a leader. It’s also easy to overlook these 5 things, or to convince yourself that what you say will compensate for what you do if what you do falls short. Yet nothing a leader says eventually outweighs what a leader does. Your actions—not your words—create your leadership and your legacy. So what should you be watching as a leader?


Building Altars

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Road trips in the Old Testament were quite scenic. Now there wasn’t a gas station, (well, maybe . . . camels, you know), or billboards promoting Abe’s Passover Supplies. But there were landmarks. These landmarks were monuments, more like a pile of stones. A handmade monument to something that happened in the past. And usually that something was really quite something. In fact, it was extra-ordinary because it involved something significant that God did in the lives of people.


Be Present: The Christmas Presence Experiment

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We all know the Christmas season can get crazy. We all know we typically eat, spend, and attend parties . . . way too much. We all know we shouldn’t—at least not as much. So I won’t spend any time trying to convince you to totally overhaul Christmas. For most of us, that’s not going to happen. But I am going to ask you—and me—to try an experiment. From now until the day after Christmas, I want you to participate in the Christmas Presence Experiment. Here’s how it works.


Time Out

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Have you ever been in an argument that seemed to get out of hand? Voices get louder. Things are said that can be very hurtful and anger escalates. Is there anything that can be done? Is there a way to calm things down? The answer is “yes.” Have you ever been watching a sporting event when things start to go bad for a team? What do we often see the coach do? He calls a “time out.” During this “time out” the coach will try to refocus his players, let emotions calm down and prepare them to proceed with the game in a way that will help them to win.


5 Hacks to Increase Your Team’s Consistency

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Last week, I wrote an article called 5 Ways To Know If Your Team Is Inconsistent. Now that you’ve evaluated the team that you lead and you’ve discovered that they’re not as consistent as you’d like them to be…now what? How do I help them become more consistent? Well, I’m glad you asked! Here are five ways to help increase consistency.


Your Husband’s Greatest Fear

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There is a universal fear that every husband has. This fear keeps us up at night and wakes us up in the morning. It isn’t talked about much because we don’t like admitting we’re afraid. Being afraid, we believe, makes us less of a man. Your husband probably has fears and he works really hard to manage them. But there is one fear that is hard to manage, difficult to overcome and almost impossible to defeat without bringing it into the light. This fear is the driving force behind many behavior patterns and decisions.


5 Ways to Know If Your Team is Inconsistent

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In a world of overload—information overload, option overload, and overload overload—there are very few things that set organizations apart from one another. Making decisions about where we will shop, eat, and even worship are becoming more and more difficult. Who has the best deal? Where did I have the best experience the last time I was there? Which comes the most recommended by my friends? The decisions can be difficult and confusing. I believe that those organizations that will survive and thrive have, as their foundation, one principal that helps them succeed and differentiate themselves. A principal that takes years to perfect and only moments to lose.


Disengaging from Distractions

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Steve and I went on a romantic getaway back in April to visit Asheville, NC. If you’ve never seen this majestic town, you really should. Asheville is nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is known for some of the most beautiful scenery around. It was our first time staying at a bed and breakfast, and it certainly won’t be our last. What an amazing experience waking up in this quaint manor home for breakfast each morning!

As I sat there, however, I began noticing who our neighbors were at the adjacent tables. There was an older couple to our left eating and not talking. Then beyond that couple sat a younger couple, who, we figured out later, were staying in the honeymoon suite. Behind us and further up the porch sat a couple closer to our age. One thing they all had in common: they were all absorbed into their smart phones the entire breakfast. Yes, even the honeymoon couple.


4 Practical Ways to Turn a Loveless Marriage Around

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Many couples they fall into what I call the “miserably married, but faithfully” enduring category. The commitments of a house, kids, and job forces them to keep enduring, but they are anything but in love. If this is you, let me share 4 practical ways to turn a loveless marriage back around.