MarriedPeople Spotlight: Greater Works Outreach

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We have amazing MarriedPeople partner churches. These marriage champions are taking the MarriedPeople resources and doing things that are above and beyond anything we dreamed about. This month, we would like to introduce you to Jonathan Curry at Greater Works Outreach in Monroeville, PA.


How to Handle an Argument in Public

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MarriedPeople Arguments in Public

So last week we took our kids to the OC Fair, like we do every year. We go for the rides, the exhibits, the games, and of course the deep-fried Oreos. We tried our hardest to ignore the heat, the inappropriate outfits the teenagers wear, the long lines and the prices. We had only been there an hour or so, walking around and trying to find our way to the butterfly exhibit, when all of a sudden it happened. A miscommunication and a fight in public . . . at the fair . . . with tons of strangers watching us.


7 Things There Will Never Be Enough Time For

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MarriedPeople: 7 Things There Will Never Be Enough Time for

There are at least 7 things in leadership there will never be enough time for…unless, of course, you make it. And smart leaders do. If you’ve ever made it Friday and had a hard time answering the question “What did I accomplish this week?”, it might be because you failed to make time for these 7 things for which great leaders always make time.


Life is Too Short

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life is too short

“Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself; each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matthew 6:34). One day when I was caught up in the tyranny of the urgent, my friend Bill McNabb sent me some thoughts entitled, “Things That Life Is Too Short For.” His thoughts forced me to take a look at my own life and reevaluate my priorities. Perhaps you too might need a dose of reality today . . .


Marriage Ministry One Day Coming to Jacksonville!

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MarriedPeople: Marriage Ministry One Day

Here at MarriedPeople, we’ve always had one goal in mind: to help churches help marriages. We know that when the local church intentionally invests in marriages, it has the power to transform the community. So we’re doing something new. We’re bringing the Marriage Ministry One Day to Jacksonville, Florida. What if we could gather Marriage Ministry leaders and volunteers and spend a full day talking, learning, and growing together? What kind of impact would that have on your city?


Making Time for Your US

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[For Couples] by Mike and Shamika Owens Note: In the Become Your Best US Small Group Study (which is available as part of this year’s Strategy Pack or individually), we talk about how having fun with your spouse means also making time for sex on a regular basis. We realize that sounds easy to some… [read more]


Meet the Communicators: US Strategy Pack

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In the 2016-2017 MarriedPeople Strategy Pack, US, we are featuring four incredible communicators in our Larger Group Experiences. While your church always has the option to communicate live instead of showing the videos we provide, sometimes it’s nice to focus on other things and let someone else do the speaking. If you decide to use the videos, don’t worry. You’re in good hands. These are some great leaders. Let’s introduce you to them . . .


Reaching “The Bar” Within Marriage

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[For Couples] When I was a little girl, I used to dream of getting married someday as I’m sure many young girls do. I would dream about marrying a man that had all the best qualities imaginable, and then some. Now, I can’t vouch for men, but I imagine as young boys they set the bar pretty high for their future wife as well.

I was just 21 when I married my husband and I would say he did pretty much measure up to my expectations. He was indeed “the one” for me. Obviously though, he is not perfect and neither am I, so living together now as husband and wife was a little rough at first. We both had different ways of doing things, different opinions of what a clean house looked like, what to watch on the television, you know just basic roommate challenges only magnified a little.


4 Essentials Tools to Help Struggling Couples

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Married People 4 Tools for Marriage Ministry Leaders

by Kirk Stewart When Tonya and I were engaged, we had a couple’s wedding shower. We opened toasters, potholders and a vase. I was grateful, but none of that really captured my attention. But, then, we were handed a heavy box. My memories of Christmas always told me that the best dude-gifts were heavy! We… [read more]


MarriedPeople Spotlight: Pathway Church

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We have amazing MarriedPeople partner churches. These marriage champions are taking the MarriedPeople resources and doing things that are above and beyond anything we dreamed about.

We want you to meet them. So once a month, we’ll spotlight a different church that is impacting not only the marriages in their church, but in their community. We want you to meet people from churches of all sizes, large and small, in various types of communities, whether urban, rural or suburban, with budgets big and small and volunteers plenty or scarce. Regardless of how different these churches may be from yours, we think you’ll find some relevancy to where you are.

We gave them a list of questions to find out more about their church, their team and their ministry. This month, we would like to introduce you to Josh Fortney at Pathway Church in Burleson, Texas.

Church: Pathway Church (Burleson, TX)
MarriedPeople champion: Josh Fortney